Newsletter - Diwali - 6th November 2010

Jai Jinendra & visitors,

Happy Diwali! ... So what's been happening since our last newsletter of 7th April 2009 ....

Ipod-Friendly? Progress Oh-No! Off-Line?
Help - shastra/book required! Till the next time!


==>  What do you mean by iPod-Friendly?

Well ...recently Kundkund Kahan Parmarthik trust, Mumbai made all of Gurudev's 9000+ pravachans available in MP3 format on 16 DVDs. Thanks to them that every one can now listen to Gurudev anywhere in the world.

==>  Yes I know.. but what do you mean by "iPod-Friendly"?

Ok ... We know a lot of Jains around the world have iPods. And ...

==>  Go on..

The team took these pravachans and also all of Lalchandbhai's pravachans. Then added relevant labelling information to each pravachan file -e.g. The shastra name, the album name, the shastra karta, etc and pictures ...

==>  Ok ... so what has this got to do with "iPod-friendly?"

Because of this labelling ... for example you can select a series of pravachans using picture and album name OR Shastra Karta OR Pravachan Kar or even a combination ... this is iPod-friendliness! All the MP3 audio on AtmaDharma will soon be labelled in this way (much already is).

==>  Thats useful ... Do you have some kind of user guide or demo showing the features?

Yes - see GurudevPravachans_iPod.pdf for a demo of how to use this iPod-friendly facility.

==>  You know - it would take too long to download all the pravachans ... Can someone load them off-line onto my ipod?

Yes - see iPod contacts in India, UK etc. and ask them to load your iPod with the pravachans.

==>  I'm not in any of those areas - but I know a friend who has had their iPod loaded - can I copy from their iPod?

Yes - see Guide for iPod to iPod copying.

==>  This is a good idea - can I get involved? ... Can I get a complete copy of the audio so I can load them onto iPods? And can I become a contact for my area?

Yes - e-mail Rajesh and we can take it forward from there. Progress

Since the last newsletter in 7 April 2009, as always, new items have been added: See "Whats New" for a full log of events since our last newsletter. Remember - all the material on is freely downloadable.

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Oh-No! ... Off-Line?  Why  What can you do to help?

In the last quarter of 2009 went off-line for about 1 week!

==>  Thats terrible! Why was it off-line?

Well ... Because it became too popular ... it crashed!

==>  And then what?

And this had happended before - at that time we just moved hosts.

==>  So it was time to do that again?

No.. no..... that was not a real option this time ...

==>  Why?

You see the site is so large and popular now - I mean people even do daily swadhyay on it ... and to move hosts would not be so easy as it would take a long time to upload all the material...

==>  So you mean if you moved hosts then the material would not be available for a long time whilst you uploaded it?

Yes that right. We needed to ensure that the material would be available even if was down for a short while ... its the material that is important, not the site ... we needed resilience ...

==>  So what happended then?

The team had a re-think ... a new solution had to be found ...

==>  And the solution was ... ?

A new sister site was born and went live on Uutam Kshama Vani day (5th September 2009).

==>  Can I do anything to prevent the same problem in the future?

Yes .. actually you can .. thanks for asking .. one thing you can do is that you can start to alternate using once and the next time...

==>  So that will balance the load between both sites?

Yes that right.

==>  You said one thing ... is there more I can do to help?

Yes ... you could download the pravachan that you want to listen to or shastra that you want to read onto your PC and reuse it from your PC - that would also help reduce load..

==>  Ok .. So alternate between sites and download the material, store and reuse from my PC ...I'll do that from now on.


==>  I noticed that you also redesigned the site when went live ..

Yes .. thats right.. a brand new design was also born ... Let us know what you think? ... We are always looking for ways to improve.

Help - shastra/book required!

Can you help? We would like to get the shastra titled: Jain Kriya Kosh written by Pandit Daulatramji (who also wrote Chhah Dhala) - do you have it? Would you be willing to give us the book OR an electronic version of it? If so please e-mail us on Book Wanted

Till the next newsletter ...

Wishing you a Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year in achieving Bhed Gnaan,

Jai Jinendra,

from the & & Vitraag Jain Literature Preservation Trust teams:

       Daksha, Jyoti & Rajesh