First, we ponder over the characteristics of the Arhantas. He (the true believer) who having renounced the house-holder's life and accepted monk's conduct (ascetic-life) has destroyed the four Ghati Karmas (obscuring karmas) through immersion in one's own soul's intrinsic-nature and in him are manifested the highest attributes of four infinites. Through infinite knowledge Anant-Gnaan (omniscience) he knows directly clearly, all substances Jiva, etc., simultaneously together with their infinite attributes and modifications; through infinite perception Anant-Darshan (omni-perception) perceives all these substances in general (undifferentiatedly); through infinite energy Anant Virya he always holds such potency (of knowing & seeing); through infinite bliss (Anant Sukha) he experiences imperturbable supreme bliss of beatitude. Further, who has attained the state of perfect serenity and peace by freeing oneself from all sorts of impure dispositions like attachment-aversion etc. and has achieved the state of supreme God of gods by becoming free from hunger, thirst, etc., (birth, death, etc.) all sorts of physical maladies and whose body has turned into a supernatural Param-Audarika body having no weapon or clothing and is devoid of censurable signs and symptoms of sex-feeling, anger, etc. foul dispositions and emotions and by whose sermons the Dharma-Tirtha (the conduction of true religious path) prevails in the universe, by means of which the mundane beings attain welfare ofthe self; and who is found possessing different glories (wonders) and greatnesses which are the cause for worldly people to believe in his supreme lordship and who is adored by the great personages like Indras (heaven's gods) and Ganadharas (the highest rank of monks' order) etc., for their own spiritual benefit; thus adorable in all respects is Shri Arhanta Deva - to Him I (Todarmal) offer my salutation.