Here in this era; I have now got human-birth. In this birth, I developed interest in study of Jain-Shastras owing to my past (religious) impressions and present good luck. Due to which after studying in general the useful books on grammar, logic, mathematical science, etc., I have been studying as per my intellect and understanding the following various Shastras (Sacred books) with their commentaries.

(1) Samayasara, Panchastikaya, Pravachansara, Niyama-sara, Tattvarth sutra, etc. (Shastras of Dravyanuyoga, the metaphysics).
(2) Gommattasara, Labdhisara, Triloksara, Kshapanasara, etc. (Shastras of Karananuyoga-aetiology)
(3)Purushartha-Siddhyupaya, Ashtapahuda, Atmanushasana
etc. and books describing the code of conduct laid for Shravakas householders) and Munis (naked possessionless monks) (the Shastras of Charananuyoga, i.e. Ethology) and
(4) Mythological scriptures containing stories of the brave personages leading to salvation path, etc. (Shastras of Prathamanuyoga).

By virtue of that I too have attained some knowledge of true words with their true meanings.

Moreover, in this bad period of downfall, many people are seen possessing knowledge poorer than my feeble knowledge. They too may obtain the knowledge of these words with their meaning - keeping this point in view, I made up my mind to write this book in spoken language out of compassionate feeling. This is the reason for writing this book. In this book also the same words with their true meanings are interpreted. The only speciality is that as in the Prakrit Sanskrit books the words (sentences) are written in Prakrit-Sanskrit; similarly, here I am writing in country's spoken language either with Apbhransha or with their exact form but there is no adulteration in the meanings of the words.

Thus the tradition of those true words exists up to this book also.