Jiva-Dravya (soul substance) possesses sentience attribute (Chetana Guna) as its distinctive characteristic in the form of knowing and seeing and it being imperceptible by senses has immaterial form, a substance having innumerable spatial units (Pradeshas) with the power of contraction-expansion. And the Karma is an insentient matter devoid of sentience attribute and has material form, is a mass of infinite matter-particles (atoms), hence it is not a single substance. Thus are these Jivas (souls) and karmas (karmic matter) having relationship since eternity. Nevertheless, none of the space-points of Jiva changes into karmic matter form and none of the atoms of karmic matter change into Jiva form, both, by retaining their own distinctive characteristics, exist distinctly separate. For example, if there be a compound molecule of gold and silver, even then the gold by retaining its yellowness, etc. attributes remains distinctly different and silver by retaining its whiteness, etc. attributes remains distinctly different. Similarly, the soul and karmas should be known as distinct and separate.

Question: The matter to matter bondage is possible but how can the bondage of matter (material particles) with the immaterial soul substance be possible?

Answer: As the bondage of subtle matter particles (atoms) which are not perceptible to senses and the gross matter-particles (molecules) which are perceptible to senses is accepted, similarly the bondage of immaterial soul which is not perceptible to senses and material karmas worthy of being perceptible to senses should be accepted. Moreover, in this process of bondage none acts as the doer of other; so long as the bondage continues till then these remain united, do not get separated and the relationship of cause and effect continues in them. This much alone be known as the bondage here. So, there is no contradiction in being this type of bondage between the material karmas and the immaterial soul.

Thus as is explained the eternal karmic bondage to one Jiva, similarly it should be understood about each of the infinite Jivas (souls).