Further, it should be known that owing to rise of Nama-Karma (physique-making Karma), body, organ of speech and mind are created; due to Nimitta (instrumentality) of their movement, the space-points (Pradeshas) of soul vibrate and by virtue of it soul attains the power of getting into one bonded form with the species of karmic matter. This is termed as yoga (vibratory activity). Due to its Nimitta at each moment, the inflow of infinite atoms transformable into karmic form, takes place. If Yoga is feeble then inflow of atoms is less and if Yoga is intense then inflow of atoms is more. Further, the atoms of matter that are absorbed in one Samaya (an unit of time) get divided into Jnanavarana, etc., main-types and their subtypes (species) of Karmas as are stated in scripture. According to that division atoms get transformed into those types (species) of Karmas of their own.

Further, Yoga is of two types: Auspicious Activity (Shubha Yoga) and Inauspicious Activity (Ashubha Yoga). Inclination through mind, speech and body in pious acts is called Shubha Yoga and inclination in impious acts is called Ashubha-Yoga. Whether there be Shubha Yoga or Ashubha Yoga, without attaining right belief (Samyaktva) bondage of all sorts of species of Ghati Karmas continues incessantly. Even for a single moment bondage of any species of Karmas does not stop. However, the specific point is that in the pair of Hasya-Shoka (laughter and lamentation), Rati-Arati (liking and disliking) and three types of Vedas (sex-passions) of Mohaniya (deluding) Karma in one time only one in each group gets bonded.

Further, in the species of Aghati Karmas, during Shubha Yoga, Sata Vedniya (pleasure producing Karma) etc., auspicious species of Karmas, get bonded and during Ashubha Yoga Asata Vedniya (pain producing Karma) etc., inauspicious species of Karmas get bonded and during Mishra Yoga (mixed auspicious-inauspicious activity) some auspicious and some inauspicious species of Aghati Karmas get bonded.

Thus, the inflow of Karmas takes place due to instrumentality of Yoga (Vibratory activity). Hence, Yoga is Asrava (influx). And the (quantity of) atoms of karmic matter so attracted through that Yoga is called Pradesha; thus, the atoms so bonded get divided into main types and sub-types of Karmas, therefore it should be known that space-bondage and type-bondage are caused by Yoga.