Originally since eternity Jiva is found bonded in Nitya-Nigoda* form of body. There, the Jiva occupying Nitya (eternal) Nigoda form of body dies on completion of Ayu-karma and again acquires Nitya (eternal) Nigoda form of body only and then again dies after the expiry ofAyu karma and again acquires Nitya Nigoda body only. In this way, there are infinite times infinite Jivas which are continuously dying and taking birth from eternity there only. Further, from (Nitya Nigoda) state 608 Jivas get out in six months and eight Samayas. They assume other forms of bodies after getting out from there. They continue transmigration in earth, water, fire, air and single plant-life forms of one-sensed beings, in the forms of two-sensed, three-sensed and four-sensed beings or in infernal, animal, human and celestial forms of five-sensed beings. After undergoing transmigration for a long time if Jiva again attains the Nigoda form of existence then it is termed as Itara (non-eternal) Nigoda.

And after having stayed there for long time and getting out from there, Jivas continue transmigration in other forms of existence. There, the maximum period of transmigration in earth, etc., immobile forms of beings (Sthavara Jivas) is innumerable Kalpas only and in mobile forms of two to five sensed beings (Trasa-Jivas) it is somewhat more than two thousand Sagaras. In Itara Nigoda it is two and a half Pudgal-Paravartanas (wandering in matter-cycle of time) which is infinite period. Some Jivas after getting out of ltara-Nigoda and getting Sthavara (immobile) form of existence again go back to Nigoda.

Thus, in one-sensed forms of existence the maximum period of transmigration is innumerable Pudgal-Paravartanas only and the minimum period is of one Antar-Muhurta in all states of existence.

In this way, the maximum embodied forms occupied (by this Jiva) are of one-sensed beings only and acquiring other (higher) forms of existence is just like Kaktaliya Nyaya - a flying crow catching falling down fruit by chance.

Thus, this Jiva is having the disease of karmic bondage from beginningless time. Thus ends the diagnosis of karmic bondage.

*Nigoda: The subtle one-sensed undeveloped form of Jiva where birth-death ocours 18 times in one respiration period.