Now, that (knowledge) by which the material objects are known distinctly and clearly according to its limitations of the extent of area (region) and time is called Avadhi Jnana (clairvoyance). It is found manifested in all celestial and infernal beings and is also found rarely in any of the rational five-second animals and human beings. This is not found in irrational beings*. So this knowledge is also dependent on body, etc. Pudgalas (matter-particles). The clairvoyance is of three kinds- 1.Deshaavadhi (partial clairvoyance), 2.Parmaavadhi (excellent clairvoyance) and 3.Sarvaavadhi (full clairvoyance). In these Deshaavadhi knows material objects with somewhat clarity and limitation of limited area and time, that too is found in some Jiva only.

And Parmaavadhi, Sarvaavadhi and Manah-Paryaya Jnana (telepathy) these (three types of direct) knowledges get mainfested in Moksh Marg (path to liberation) only. Kewal-Jnana (omniscience) is itself the form of liberation (moksha); hence in this beginningless mundane existence these are not found existing. Thus is found the functioning of knowledge.

* Irrational Beings-Jivas without 'mind' organ, (Asanjni-Jivas)