Now, the atoms which have transformed into karmas form remain in bonded form intermingled with space-points of Jiva till they do not acquire the operative state. There, owing to Nimitta of dispositions of soul (Jiva-Bhavas) the condition of many species of karmas also gets changed. The atoms of many different types of species of karmas get transformed into atoms of other types of species of karmas. And many species (of karmas) which were bonded for longer duration with intense fruition become scant by getting decreased and many other species (of karmas) bonded for lesser duration with the potency of feeble fruition become more by getting increased. Thus, even the condition of atoms bonded in the past change due to Nimitta of Jiva Bhavas and if Nimitta is absent then there is no change but they remain as they were.

In this way, the bonded karmas remain in existence.