And when the time of rise (ripening) of species of karmas matures then automatically according to the fruition of those species of karmas the effect gets produced; the karmas do not produce those effects. At the time of their ripening state, the specific effect (disposition) gets evolved; only so much is to be known the cause and effect relationship (Nimitta-Naimittika Samband). And simultaneously with their fructification the karmic form ends due to the end of fruition-power of those karmas; these (dissociated) matter-particles get changed into other forms; this is called Savipaka-Nirjara (Shedding-off of karmas on their ripening in usual course of time).

In this way, the karmas shed off every moment on rise (ripening) of the same.

After the end of karmic power, these matter-particles, irrespective of being present in the same species of molecules or getting separated from them, become ineffective. It should be known that at each moment infinite atoms (karmic matter-particles) get bonded with soul; the atoms so bonded in one moment (in one unit of time), leaving the period of Aabadha-kal (prior to ripening), continue coming serially into operative state (Udaya) in all the moments of their duration period. And the atoms so bonded in several moments which are capable of ripening together, come into Udaya state collectively. The collective fruition of all those atoms (species of karmas) gets produced at one time accordingly to their combined fruition-power. And the atoms so bonded in several moments holding the identity as karma, remain in intermingled relationship with Jiva (soul) from the time of bondage till the time of their Udaya, (rise or ripening state).

Thus should be known the bondage, the rise or ripening and the existence states of karmas. Every moment the atoms (karmic species) equal to one samaya-Prabaddha only get bonded and equal to one Samaya-prabaddha only get dissociated (shedded off). There the karmas remain always in existence equal to one and a half Gunahani times Samaya-Prabaddha only. The details of all these will be written in the forthcoming chapter on Karmas.