Thus, Karma is a product of infinite matter-particles in atomic form; therefore its' name is Dravya-Karma (material Karma). Due to the instrumentality of rise of Moha, impure dispositions like perverse belief, anger, etc., are caused. These are the product of Jiva's own impure dispositions; therefore, its name is Bhava-Karma. Bhava-Karma is caused due to instrumentality of Dravya-Karma and Dravya-Karma's bondage is caused due to instrumentality of Bhava-Karma. Bhava-Karma from Dravya-Karma and Dravya-Karma from Bhava-Karma; thus due to mutual cause and effect relationship Jiva transmigrates in the world.

The specific point to be known is that due to bondage being intense or feeble or due to internal transformation, etc.,or due to rise in different moments of karmas bonded in one moment or due to rise in one moment of Karmas bonded in different moments, if in some particular moment the rise be intense then the passions would be intense and the resulting fresh bondage would also be intense; and if in some particular moment rise be feeble then the passions would also be feeble and the fresh bondage would also be feeble. And exactly according to those intense or feeble passions the internal transformation etc., of Karmas bonded formerly in the past moments may also take place.

In this way, the automatic process of Dravya-Karma and Bhava-Karma has been taking place continuously from eternity.