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A Short Reader to Jain Doctrines (Principles)
Publisher's Note

[Second Edition]

We are much pleased to bring out this second edition of 'A Short Reader to Jain Doctrines'. Its first edition was published in 1979, which has been out of stock since long-long ago.

It is an English translation of the Hindi booklet 'Laghu Jain Siddhanta Praveshika' (an abridged edition of 'Jain Siddhanta Praveshika'), which the late learned Pandit Gopaldasli Baraiya has complied from several 'shastras' on Jain Philosophy.

Technical words exist in each sphere of knowledge. It is difficult to enter the subject without understanding the same. Similarly Jain Philosophy too has its own series of terminology and its knowledge is equally essential. It is because of this that the first edition of this booklet was brought out just to fulfil the longfelt need of thousands of non-Hindi knowing truth-seekers of our Country and that of abroad. Br. Hemchand Jain 'HEM' had so kindly translated the book in English, the pains he took to fulfil this tedious task can not be put in letters. We do not find words to praise him for the same.

We are thankful to (i) Shri Rajmal Jain of M/s. Sushil Printers, Jaipur, who has tried to make the present edition as attractive and accurate as possible subject to certain limitations and (ii) Shri Akhil Bansal, Incharge, Publication Division of the Trust, who has so nicely managed for printing, paper and binding of this booklet.

We sincerely wish that all non-Hindi knowing truth-seekers souls may be amply benefitted from this publication.

A-4, Bapunagar
Dated 1-6-1986

Nemichand Patni
Pandit Todarmal Smarak Trust