Now the characteristics of a listener are being described. He whose future seems to be bright thinks 'Who am I? What is my inherent nature? How is this all happening to me? What will be the fruit of the thoughts and feelings arising in me? Jiva (the self) is suffering from miseries, so what is the means of ending the miseries? I have to find out the solution of all these questions and should do that which is beneficial to me" - with such thoughts he has become active. Believing that this object can be achieved by listening to Shastras listens to Shastras enthusiastically, asks whatever is to be asked, ponders repeatedly in his innerself over the meaning explained by the preceptors and after determining the true meaning by his own thoughts makes efforts to achieve the desirable - such is the differentia of a new listener.

Further, those who are the firm believers of Jina-Dharma and whose intellect has been sharpened by listening to different Shastras and having known thoroughly well the differentia of Vyavahara (conventional) and Nishchaya (realistic) stand points, etc. whatever sermon they listen to grasp it correctly by knowing what it really means; and whenever a question arises they most humbly raise the question or by mutual discussion on different questions and answers take decision ahout the things, keep deeply engrossed in the study of scripture, have discarded censurable acts with religious attitude.

- Such ought to be the listeners of Shastras.