If a listener possesses some knowledge of grammar, logic and of voluminous Jaina Shastras, then the listenership is praiseworthy. And even if there be such a listener but be devoid of Atma-Jnana (self-knowledge) he can not understand the gist of the sermons. Therefore, the one who has tasted (the blissful nature of) the self-soul through self-realisation, he is the real listener of the mystery of Jina-Dharma. Further, the one who possesses extraordinary intellectual power or the clairvoyance, telepathy knowledges, then he is to be known as an excellent listener. Such are the special qualities of the listeners. Such should be the listeners of the Jina-Shatras.

Moreover, those who listen to Shastras believing that listening to Shastras will be beneficial to them but due to weakness of knowledge do not understand much, to them Punya-Bandha (bondage of auspicious karmas) occurs, but the specific purpose can not be achieved. And those who listen to Shastras either by family-tradition or customarily or incidently or simply listen but do not retain any thing, so according to their thoughts and feelings, sometimes Punya-Bandha (auspicious bondage) or sometimes Papa Bandha (inauspicious bondage) is caused to them. And those who listen to Shastras with pride or jealousy or whose intention is only of arguing and those who listen to Shastras simply for being called the great person or for the sake of fulfilling some greed, etc. or those who listen to Shastras but do not like it - to such listeners the Papa-Bandha alone is caused. Such are the various traits of listeners. Similarly, it should be inferred about the persons indulging in learning, teaching activities, etc..

Thus the characteristics of discoursers and listeners of the Shastras have been described. Hence, the right Shastra, should be read and listened to by becoming a right discourser and a right listener.